TIC Zvířetice building (April–October)
AV Documentary, 3D Animals, an exhibition with an exhibition of engravings and a physical model of the castle Your tour of the 3D castle begins with us in TIC Zvířetice!

The basis of your experience of traveling through time by means of virtual reality and the starting point of your subsequent visit to the ruins is the new modern Tourist Information Center Zvířetice in the village of Podhradí.
You will begin the tour in the top-equipped projection room of the info center: We will first introduce you to the past of the place with a short documentary “Animals in the Mirror of the Centuries” (10:00 min.), in which you will get to know interesting moments of the past of the fascinating monument above you. After that, the gates of space-time will open and you will experience in the form of a virtual 3D video a time traveler’s visit to the Zvířetice castle during its heyday.

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Exposition with a physical model and a surprise for children

After the audiovisual projection, an exhibition awaits you on the upper floor with a unique exhibition of paintings and graphics of the ruins and, above all, a large physical model of the castle. The exhibition is complemented by the products of the region’s traditional crafts and a smaller model of the Zvířetice castle. Our exhibition is guarded by the knight Roderik, who has a surprise for all good children!

Own visit to the ruin

After refreshments at our base, where, among other things, you can buy unique postcards of the castle in 3D, you set off on your own to the ruins and their interior.


Zvířetice TIC building + Zvířetice ruins (July – August + on order already from May)
everything as a small circuit + 3D tour of the ruins with a guid

Summer tours (July/August) with 3D guided tours

In the summer, a guide will be waiting for you as part of the large sightseeing tour in the real world of the ruins, who will not only show you all the interesting places through the eyes of the present: Thanks to the visualization graphics of the 3D model (during the night tours of the tablet), which each visitor to the sightseeing tour will receive, you will also see the appearance of the places ruins directly in a real environment!

Interactive competition for children with a surprise

As part of the tour circuit in July and August, we have prepared an interactive competition for your children as part of each tour! While you experience a “journey through time” at the “3D castle”, your children will complete Countess Eleonora’s competitive tasks at individual stations, which will not remain without a reward.


Apart from the basic tour circuit of the info center, we will be happy to provide you with group and individual tours of the entire ruin with a guide in the parameters of summer tours already from May.