TIC Zvířetice je certifikovaným členem asociace infocenter ATIC České republikyNaše turistické informační centrum je zároveň držitelem certifikace Cyklisté vítáni!
The Tourist Information Center Zvířetice (TIC Zvířetice) in the village of Podhradí was established in 2015 thanks to a subsidy from the European Union, which also included the construction of a new bridge to the ruins and a new external staircase to the castle tower.
Since its inception, the info center building has become a natural base and background for all current and future activities related to the ruins of Zvířetice and the starting point for the sightseeing tours of the “Lost Castle” project.

Projection room with 3D images

TIC Zvířetice is a certified member of the Czech Republic’s ATIC infocenter association. The modernly furnished building is the base of our monument and the starting point for visiting Zvířetice. It hides a top-equipped projection room with a modern large screen and audio system so you can enjoy virtual Animals 3D in maximum comfort and quality.
In the main room, you will see a unique comparative view of the ruins before the tower fell around 1897 and the castle in 1683 in two paintings. The decoration is also made up of several smaller 3D visualizations and a reconstruction portrait of Countess Eleonora.

Exposure with gallery and physical model

In the entrance hall of the first-floor exhibition, you will first discover the secrets of the old depictions of the ruins of the Zvířice castle in the form of a small gallery, as they were captured by the painter’s brush and the pen of the engravers of the 18th and 19th centuries.
In the main exhibition room on the first floor, equipped with an automatic accompanying audio program, the second part of the exhibition is prepared for you, the main element of which is a unique physical model of the Zvířetice castle by Vojtěch Novák, which is a tangible counterpoint to the virtual experience – here you can see the Zvířetice castle one more time, in peace and without movement.
Here you will also get to know the realities of our micro-region: Typical products made from cattails – the traditional craft of Bakovsko, Pojizerské kroje or products of a nearby ceramic workshop. Children will be captivated by the exhibition of ancient puppets against the background of the animal castle motif.